Our Story

CaraMia is a mom-and-daughter team from Johannesburg, South Africa.

The passion of this duo team has driven the growth of CaraMia into a gift and homeware brand associated with style, trust, service and value-for-money products.

Adi was in the travel industry for 25 years working as the managing director of an extremely successful corporate travel agency, which she started at the age of 27. With her personal life becoming increasingly demanding, she sold the business fifteen years later.

In 2002, at the age of 43, Adi developed breast cancer and had to undergo a mastectomy and reconstruction. Having just gone through a divorce three years before, Adi had to dig very deep to ‘stand up and dust herself off’. As a single mother she was very determined to give her two children the best in life.

Adi is adamant that the adversity that she went through is what ultimately gave her the gift of being a survivor, or ‘’thriver’’ as she prefers to call it, in addition to the gift of being able to see the world through ‘’different eyes”

Today, Adi is more appreciative of life and notices the small, but beautiful things that she hadn’t noticed before, like the blueness of the sky and the colours of nature around her.

Adi maintains it is no coincidence that the next venture she found herself in was the gifting industry and that the name of the brand was CaraMia, which means ‘’being loved’’ in Italian. “Being loved” is indeed the theme of each and every product that is finally selected to become part of a new CaraMia collection.

Bianca spent six years working in the advertising industry doing Client Service before joining Adi at the age of 25. The two of them are like Yin and Yang: two halves that together complete wholeness and share the same love and passion for CaraMia. Having become a mother in 2016, her passion of finding new and exciting baby and kids products, has led to the launch of ‘’MiniMia’’

In the words of Adi, “How lucky can a mother be to be able to work with her daughter almost every single day!”

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