Our MiniMia store is where you’ll find the baby necessities and accessories you didn’t know you needed.

We’ve handpicked baby must-haves and nice-to-haves from all over the world to make your baby shopping as easy as possible.

Choose from a range of products put together with expert advice from a fully qualified occupational therapist to improve baby`s ongoing development of key skills. (Shelley our OT consultant has written an article on babies development and what they need for each stage from birth- see link http://www.caramia-sa.co.za/all-you-need-to-know-about-baby-from-0-12-months/)

Raising a child is one of life’s biggest gifts and we look forward to embarking on the journey with you.
*Kindly note if there is something you would like, but don’t see on the website please get in touch with us and we will source it for you with the greatest pleasure.

Meet our Occupational Therapist:

Shelley Sosnovik

BSc (OT) Wits

Sensory Integration Trained (SAISI)

Pr. No:0197734

What is Occupational Therapy? – Compiled by Shelley Sosnovik

The job of an Occupational Therapist is to improve a person’s ability to function in all the areas of occupation in which they are involved e.g. personal management, social, academic, vocational pursuits etc. An Occupational Therapist helps a person to be the most independent that they can be according to what is expected at their specific age, within the limits that they have. An Occupational Therapist may work on changing the person’s functioning (neurologically or physically), she may adapt the environment in which the person is expected to function or adapt the task so that the person is able to carry it out independently. The aim of Occupational Therapy is age appropriate independence in all areas (personal hygiene, social, play, work/academics).